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14 Day Complete Body Cleanse Kit (Triple Action Formula) 

Help Kick Start Your:

  •  Weight Loss results
  •  Supplement Absorption (Get the most for your money)
  •  Energy Levels
  •  Overall well being

More Info?
More Info?

'Triple Action Formula' cleanses:

  • Colon  - Gastrointestinal
  • Liver - Hepatic and circulatory system
  •  'Toxic Heavy Metals - circulation purification

The Complete Body Cleanse Kit™

Triple Action Detoxification System

To date, no other program offers this type of comprehensive approach in detoxification

Kit includes:

·         Fiber Formula

·         Liver Cleanse Formula

·         Metal Cleanse Formula

14-day program - vegetarian capsules

Body Function Supported:
The Complete Body Cleanse Kit? not only supports the body's own detoxification mechanisms, but at the same time enhances them. This triple action system works on the gastrointestinal tract, liver, and the circulatory system, a place where a lot of heavy metals reside.

Detoxification is a process whereby potentially harmful compounds are excreted. These compounds are either generated by the body as by-products of cellular metabolic processes, or acquired through exposure to the environment. Once within the body, these toxins are eliminated by neutralization or excretion in the urine or feces.

The lungs, skin, kidneys, gastrointestinal tract and liver are the organs responsible for the detoxification process. Daily, they work vigorously to rid the body of toxicities and maintain the health of trillions of cells.

Unfortunately the excessive amount of toxins in the environment has placed such a burden on these systems that they can no longer function optimally. Increases in pesticides, herbicides, fossil fuel emissions, hydrocarbons and heavy metals have reached record proportions.

The liver is considered the major organ of detoxification. Within the liver cells there are a number of intricate mechanisms involved in the breakdown of toxic substances. Every chemical that enters our bodies, including drugs, pesticides, herbicides, and hormones are broken down by liver cells.

The complete Body Cleanse is divided into three components:

·         GI tract Bulking agent

·         Liver Cleanse Formula

·         Metal Cleanse Formula - gently removes toxic metals.

By following the 2-week protocol, one can experience a phenomenal improvement in health.

Reasons to Use:

·         Cleanse the GI tract

·         Eliminate toxins from the liver

·         Eliminate heavy metals

How to Use:
Take as directed in enclosed booklet.

Special Advantages:
Unique synergistic combination makes products very effective.


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