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DIOSMIN - Vein Support Formula 

DIOSMIN -  Vein Support Formula - 60 ct

Baywood’s ‘DIOSOMIN’  60 count tablets  

More Info?
More Info?

DIOSMIN -  Vein Support Formula - 60 ct

Baywood’s ‘DIOSOMIN’  60 count tablets  

* Contains diosmin and hesperidin, two flavonoids found in many plants.
* Ingredients tested in double-blind, placebo controlled studies.
* Increases capillary resistance of blood vessels, increases vein tonicity and decreases capillary permeability.*
* Acts also as an anti-inflammatory and an anti-oxidant.*

Like almost everything else in our bodies, our veins are susceptible to deterioration with age, especially if we have a poor diet or inadequate exercise. This is particularly true of the veins in our legs, which have the difficult job of conducting blood upward against gravity's relentless pull. The movements of the legs act as a pump to push the blood upward while flimsy valves stop gravity from pulling it back down. However, over time these valves often begin to fail and the blood then begins to pool in the deep veins of the leg, stretching the vein wall and injuring its lining. This situation is called venous insufficiency. Varicose veins, a condition closely related to venous insufficiency, occur when veins near the surface of the skin are damaged. They visibly dilate and become distorted, resulting in a cosmetically unpleasant appearance resulting in varicose veins and hemorrhoids (actually, the latter are varicose veins, just in a different place), which afflict countless millions of people, especially in Western societies, where the incidence is believed to be about 50% of all people over 50 years of age.

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