What People are saying about ProgestaCare

    Hello, I want to thank you for a wonderful product. Over the past several years, my mood changed for one day around my period each time, and I became a dragon lady to my husband and everyone else around. I cried at every little thing and felt so hopeless and hateful. I had tried many other natural remedies but nothing seemed to make a difference. I was introduced to ProgestaCare and within days I noticed a change in my attitude. The tape by Dr. Lee made so much sense. Your product has made me into a human being again, and I am so grateful. I also want to thank you for the resourceful use of the cream--I always cut plastic bottles open and use whatever is left (sometimes it takes days to empty them). I did the same with this container and voila! there was nothing there. What an innovative pump, and I wish all manufacturers would use it. Thank you again.
    Andrea Greenaker

    I had been having hot flashes for two years. I was in a store and was given a tape about Progesta-Care. After hearing the tape I went back to the store and bought a 3oz bottle. After using this product less than a month the hot flashes stopped. To me, this product was a GIFT of RELIEVE. After spending two years of having hot flashes about ever two hours and going to NO hot flashes was like having my life back. I cannot THANK YOU enough. I feel like a NEW person. Thank you!!!.
    M. Brown

    I have been on natural progesterone cream for the last six-seven years. I am 55 now but was having heavy periods to the point that after the last of two DNC's, my doctor was leaning toward a hysterectomy. Not wanting to go through that ordeal, I began using the natural progesterone cream. My heavy periods subsided. I switched from the natural progesterone cream I had been using to Life-Flo Progesta-Care, and my allergies do not bother me as much. Also, after completing my bone denisty test, my doctor had to eat crow. He asked if I took HRT, and I replied that I had been on the natural progesterone cream for the last six-seven years. He responded that I was wasting my money, as the natural creams do not work. He went to read my bone density and came back to report that my tests indicated that I had the bones of a 30-35 year old. Also, my GYN looked at the tests and said the same thing. I don't feel uncomfortable about going out socializing any more like I use to. It has taken the jitters away and has given me self-confidence that I can face the world and be normal. After raising four children (ages now 34, 33, 31 and 29), working a fulltime job with my CPA husband for 28 years and still working for my husband, and also taking on the job of raising my granddaughter, who is now 5 1/2, 2 cats I inherited, a dog, and 3 turtles, I need all the energy and good mind to get me through each day. There lies the possibility that I may have a nightmare ahead of me, as my mother died from Alzheimers, and now my older sister, 68, has all the signs of this disease. I have been told by my GYN that HRT will keep me from getting Alzheimers, but I feel confident that sticking with the natural progesterone is a better choice for me.
    Glenda Wahner

    My local pharmacist recommended your product to me because he felt I needed it in the mix of estrogen he was mixing for me. My doctor, although cooperating with me in taking natural replacement was not cooperative in prescribing a progesterone. So I purchased the Progensa cream and I do not feel so depressive all the time and my increased sex drive is wonderful--I only wish had known about it years earlier. My husband says he must be close to dying because he feels he is feeling heaven right now because of increased desire and attitude. Thank you so much for caring about people and producing a natural replacement.
    Peggy Harmon

    After having 10 rounds of chemotherapy at age 41 I was sterilized and was told that I would no longer have my periods. That lasted two years until just recently when I got the worse cramps I've ever had and had my neighbor take me to the Gyno. He took one look at me and sent me to the hospital. I got ultrasounds and they found a 4cm and a 1cm on my right and left ovaries. I had missed 2 days work. Within two weeks I started bleeding again. But this time I stayed at work and just changed my napkins and tampons every hour for 8 hrs.. I went to the gyno with complaints of an engorged breast (the unoperated side), bloating, irritability, and a host of other things. My gyno gave my a questionnaire and said he believed that I had PDD. Like chronic PMS. And gave me Serafem. I thanked him for not thinking that I was crazy and had the script filled. However, when I read the insert it turned out to be Prozac in a pretty box! When I went to my oncologists, she was concerned with the cysts and not the least bit amused by the Prozac. That's when her nurse told me to read a book about natural progesterone. I immediately stopped the Prozac (the side affects left me miserable and comatose) and started Life-Flo and my fibrodal cyst have gone almost immediately not to mention When I got my period I had now idea that I was bleeding except that I was bleeding this hasn't happen ever in my life. I am 36-26-36 and never could handle the side affects of birth control pills. My cancer grew from undetectable to 5.5cm in just 9 months. I am very certain that I have been estrogen dominant my entire life.

    Thank you for making my whole world normal again!
    Judy Dapp

    Six months ago I noticed a mood change in my self. I just thought that it was empty nest syndrome since my youngest child had left home. I thought I would just adjust and that would be that. I began being really tired, waking up the the middle of the night feeling like I could not breathe, get up and turn on a fan and not sleeping through the night. Most nights I'd be so exhausted that I would go home from work go to sleep in my chair, get up go to bed, wake up at 2 or 3 stay up for 2 to 3 hours and then try and get some sleep before work. I noticed that I was feeling depressed and not wanting to even go to the grocery store..I 45 in the prime of my life. I got worried and went to the doctor when I had a 14 day cycle of old looking blood instead of my regular 3 day. I was told that I had started menopause. Of course the first thing they want to do is a series of tests that would have cost me $1,000 over what my insurance paid. I at first thought well they are the doctors and what do I know. Then I did some praying about all of it. I was lead to lean more about menopause before I subjected my self to a series of test including a biopsy of my uterus. About 4 weeks ago I felt as if I had fallen off a cliff and I was dying. I knew I had to do something to pull myself up. I found out about progestacare cream on a radio station called the word. A friend sent me your web site. I have the cream and have used the cream for 4 weeks now. I'm amazed! I'm beginning to feel like my old self again with the energy I used to have. Life again is worth getting up for! THANK YOU!
    Trena Moore

    I have been using your progestacare product for 3 months. I have a menopause problem and I have seen some good things happen with my health. I really like the progestacare and will be using it for many years. I have told other women about it. My hot flashes have gotten alot better from using Progestacare. I want to thank your company for such a good womens product.
    Shirley Rocher

    I had been having horrendous problems with estrogen dominance since my hysterectomy last July. I could not go back on the birth control pill as I am that magic age of 35 and I smoke. I was very miserable, with all of the classic symptoms, the worst being very swollen and very painful breasts, I had fibrocystic disease. I also developed cysts on my ovaries. I found you by scouring the web to find some kind of help. I ordered a 3oz pump and felt I had absolutely nothing to lose. The cream arrived in a couple of days and I began to use it immediately. The results were astonishing. After only three days, the huge hard lumps had all but disappeared. I am astounded. I have soft breasts again, no more skin eruptions, my moods are vastly improved and that weight, (fat deposits on the hips, belly and thighs which I have never had,) has started to go, slowly but surely. I know many people who read this will think you have paid me to say this. Absolutely not. Progestercare is the most precious discovery I have made. I cannot ever say thank you enough for the relief you have given me. I hope many other women find the same relief that I have.
    Eternally grateful
    Beckie M. Gammon

    In 1980 I lost my health and my life as I had known it. After a complete hysterectomy due to endometriosis. I was only 37, athletic and slim, a co-owner of a prosperous business and a mother of two. That surgery was intended to restore my health, and take way the pain. Instead, after trying various estrogen replacement therapies, all with severe side effects, I also gained more than thiry pounds within the year and felt lousy. Then the next year my thyroid stopped working and the following year after that, I began having strange, unexplained pains that shot randomly throughout my body. Fatigue and disorientation came upon me that I had never known. "Something is really wrong here.. I don't act or feel the same" I repeatedly said to one doctor after another. It must be in my head, because nothing showed up in blood work or any other diagnostic tests. I remember one comment especially, a nurse whom I hadn't seen for a couple of years said to me. " Where did Ralaine go" Your're not even the same person!" and she was right, The old me was gone, replaced by an overweight, moody, bloated, lethargic person with plenty of aches and pains, too tired to work and a bleak future ahead.

    In early 1994 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, an auto-immune disease that affects the muscles and connective tissue and a host of other things. Now with the children grown, I moved to a drier climate and less expensive area. But I was still living the nightmare of poor health.. and still trying one estrogen pill/patch after another, herbs vitamins, magnetics, and whatever else came on the market. Meanwhile allergies and asthma were a part of the health picture and I was gong downhill fast. Then early this month, as I surfed through the internet looking for anything that might help, I came upon information on progesterone. As I read more about this very important hormone and further read on how many women are estrogen dominant, the lightbulb went on. Could it be I was on the wrong type of hormone replacement therapy all these years!. The next day I called Natures'RX, a health food store in Palm Springs, Ca. and asked for their help. " Do you carry progesterone cream?" "Yes, we have several" she said. "Which progesterone cream would you recommend?" I asked, The clerk answered " Progestacare by Life-Flo, the women really seem to like it".

    Within 1-2 days of applying the cream, I began to feel something I hadn't felt in many years. I began to feel like my old self!!. Engery and a sense of well being returned, I slept soundly, and even more, the aches and pains dimished and I could think clearly again!. I regan to recognise the person reflected in the mirror, someone I knew long ago. As I continued with the cream and had other questions, the Life-Flo people who answered my questiions were both caring and thouroughly knowledgable. So thank you a million times over. You really have made my life flow again thanks to your miraculous product.
    In Good Health,

    Hi, My name is Karen and on Feb 7th of this year I began bleeding because of three large fibroids in my uterus. It started out a little then it just hot heavier and heavier. By Feb 23 I was still bleeding and was taken to the ER. I was advised at that time to have a hysterectomy. I said no thanks. I was given provera and was told to take this for the next 10 days and it should stop the bleeding. Well, it didn't , as a mtter of fact it got worse. I again was taken to the hospital on April 16th because the bleeding was so bad, and was told about the same thing. That when I started doing more research and found Dr. Lee's Book. I couldn't believe what I was reading. It was me. I was determined not to have a hysterectomy becuase I was too afraid and 3 generations of women in my family have had them already. There had to be a better solution. Dr. Lee's Book offered me a better solution than surgery. So I figured what did I have to lose by trying the progesterone cream. So I went out and brought my first progesterone cream. I began on April 21. I used it twice a day, 1/2 tsp at each time. Within a week the bleeding showed down then stopped. Spotting in between. Bleeding got heavy again and I was taken to the ER on Mother's Day because I was bleeding so heavy at that point they were gong to do a blood transfusion but they got the bleeding under control and let me go home. I didn't let this scare me into stopping the cream. I had to give it a chance to work. This went on for about 45 days. I continued using the cream not stopping at all because I was still bleeding. Then about the beginning of July, I decided to stop using the cream for 3 days to give myself a break. After 6 months I finally got a period that was normal. And this month I stopped using the cream for 5 days. The best news is that I have no bleeding between my periods. I plan in another 3 months to go and have another ultrasound to confirm that they are shrinking. My doctor ws not thrilled about my decision to do this and I was told that she would pull the plug on this decision if my health was in jeopardy. Will I have a surprise for her.

    There are other benefits of the cream the Dr. Lee doesnt't even know yet, but I have been plagued with panic disorder for the last 4 years to the point of being housebound and not being able to be left alone for any period of time because of this panic. Since I have been using the cream I have left my house and have been staying alone in my home.. and that is a miracle. I also have a problem with the retina in my left eye. There is a film across your eye and mine was wrinkled. So that made my vision in that eye very blurry and distorted. But by using the cream it is out of my central vision and has moved to the upper left hand corner of my eye, making my vison very much improved. My hope is that by continuing using the cream that this will disappear. I know that I have a very long way to go, changing my diet, exercising, and getting stress out of my life, because my system is so out of whack but I know that this was my answer to my many prayers.

    I listened to your audio tape by Dr. John Lee on my way to a business trip, I really wasn't sure it was for me because it only addresses women's issues.
    However, when I was in a health food store I found some literature on ProgestaCare and started asking questions. I decided to try it and now I find I am sleepling like a baby. I haven't slept straight through the night in years. I would tell you about my libido but I think that is a very personal thing. I just want you to know it's back.
    A.J. Baretta

    I recently (last night) purchased your product. I spent my first night free of hot flashes in quite a long while and it is a wonderful thing. I think you have a wonderful product.
    Ann Zaphirio

    I first heard about progestacare when two friends of mine mentioned it to me that they were taking it for their painful periods. They said the results were wonderful for them and within one month they were both functioning with considerable less discomfort. They did not have to miss work because of the disturbing periods and they were both totally satisfied with the results.
    One of my firends gave me the tape and I listened to it. I am a woman that had a hysterectomy about 11 years ago and had been on synthetic estrogen (OGEN) for years. I never had any negative symptoms such as hot flashes etc. but because my Mother and Aunt have severe osteoporosis I wanted to try and allieviated this in myself if possible. My Dr. also had me on Fosamax for awhile as well as the salmon nasal spray. After 2 bone density scans there did not seem to be any sign of bone building, but I didn't know about any other preventative measures to try.
    After listeing to the tape I stopped the estrogen and the fosamax and began using the Progestacare. I used it twice a day, in the morning and after my bath at night. I did this for about a year before my next bone scan that came back with improved bone build-up in the hip area. The physician that read it said he would consider it "stable" and I did not have to havbe another bone scan for 3 years. It will be interesting to see my next one- But I have more hope than I ever did before.
    I bought Dr. Lee's book and read it. This book is so informative in all areas dealing with female challenges. I remember my son telling me about his wife (age 34) being dignosed as have endometriosis so bad that it was very painful to have intercourse for her. I sent her the tape and literature. She tried the ProgestaCare and in abaout 3 months she said she had no more pain. My son calls me weekly and still thanks me for sending his wife (my daughter-in-law) Dr. Lee's tape and for getting her started on the ProgestaCare
    There is one more exemplification that I would like to write about before I complete my testimonial. Three months ago one of my co-workers (29 years old) was telling me how terrible she felt two weeks prior to her periods, Just listen to these symptoms: weeping for no reason, extreme breast tenderness, fatigue, headaches, paranoia, anxiety, depression and cramps so intense that she needed to take Ibuprophen every 2 hours (extra strength) She said she just could not cope with life during these two weeks and dreaded spending the rest of her life with these challenges of having only 2 good weeks out of a month. I brought her the tape and borrowed my daughter's book of Dr. Lee's "What one should know prior to menopause).
    Additonally, I need to mention that my co-worker had tried all kinds of natural "cures", she eats a healthy diet, and lives a very sensible lifestyle. Nothing helped her. After she listened to the tape and read the book she began using the ProgestaCare along with the schedule that Dr. Lee advises. Her experience the first moth she said "was a miracle" and it continued into her 2nd month, which is normal, I am told, as it takes that long to totally regulate the body in this area. I spoke with her recently and asked her about her symptoms. She said she had some very mild anxiety that lasted only 2 days versus 2 weeks and nothing she could not cope with. She is extremely happy about it all , as we all are.
    Patti Thomas